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He. I rather enjoyed PotC. Not quite the usual action movie in historic trappings and never mind such pesky details as historical accuracy (even in the loosest possible sense of the term), which I've come to loathe.

Or anyway I was entertained enough not to be annoyed...

Though I rather suspect it's largely due to Johnny Depp's performance that the movie rises above the average. I'm not exactly a fan, but this was absolutely, hilariously brilliant. And I can so see the Disney executives having a fit over his interpretation of Jack Sparrow. Captain Jack Sparrow. :: smirk ::

The older I get, the more I find myself bored by drawn out action sequences, so on the whole I'd have been in favour of more acting, Depp & dialogue, less blowing things up, but on the balance it was still tolerable, never too boring or too sappy, and the story line with the curse gave the movie a bit of a 'Flying Dutchman' melancholy depth that kept it from becoming too trite, either.

Some very nice shots, and the animation of the skeleton crew (not to forget the monkey!) was amazing, especially that one scene where they are walking on the bottom of the sea.

Jack & Elizabeth on the island they get dumped on by the pirates. Lovely, and full of possibilities for her character. My inner cynic already rather doubts the future married happiness of Will & Elizabeth, she obviously being in love with pirate!Will, emphasis on pirate!

Loved the end - I have to say I didn't see it coming that Will would declare his love for Elizabeth and then proceed to go and sacrifice himself for Jack, despite having seen bits of the subsequent fight in a trailer on tv. ("You forget your place" "It's right here. Between you and Jack.") Slashiest. Moment. Ever. Except for the (IMO) lack of build up or follow up, but never mind. Not complaining.

However, I'm still not getting the Orlando Bloom craze, blond wig or no, but then I'm probably just too old for that. He's certainly rather pretty, but really not all that interesting...


I hate those company outings. Hate, especially given the little free time I have now. I only went for politeness sake, as it's a small company to begin with, and only three of us in our shop at the moment, out of who M* categorically refuses to attend such events and K* (the newbie) wanted to get to know people, and I couldn't very well leave her alone. So we had a guided tour through an exhibition on the history of theatre in Reichenau, which could have been interesting, except for our guide, who was, shall we say, less than inspiring; went up the Rax in a cable car, had lunch (not memorable) went for a short walk (i refuse to call it hike); returned home.

I hate being cooped up like that with people who for the most part I don't particularly care for. It makes me irritable and itching to just move - so basically I'm happy if there's any possibility at all to stretch one's legs. Except, not really. Now I don't consider myself a very sportive person, never been to a gym, but a somewhat agile snail could have overtaken most of those people, if it put some effort in it, and this really isn't exaggerating much. Half an hour, barely 100 meters up, whine, moan, gasp. I don't get it. It gave me a nasty shock when I discovered how unfit I was this summer, but even so I still managed to go up to 2.000+ m, 8-10 hrs., even if a little more out of breath than usual. So K* and I gave up trying to slow down for them and just went along...

Going back by bus... I usually rather like some of those people, at least when they're on their own, but I so don't need a giggly group of grown women amusing themselves bitching about other people. Not that I probably haven't done that myself at one time or the other, but there was a meanness and utter pointlessness to it that at that moment just disgusted me. At the risk of appearing anti-social and most likely having them gossip about me the moment I was out of listening range I returned to the front of the bus & chatted with K* about extremely random things, but at least the level of bitchiness was lower there.

(hypocrisy? probably.)

It was beautiful up on the mountain, though, and if the weather holds I might hike up there.


:: off in search of some PotC slash & possibly a Johnny Depp pirate desktop wallpaper... ::


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