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Less than zero points for photography, and none for presentation, but the kitschiest and prettiest Schwarzwälderkirschtorte (Black Forest cake) I ever made. Delicious, too. *g*

inside view, ignore the Coke bottles in the background )

So the cake went well, the niece sat on my lap sharing my piece and making a mess of it and generally being super cute. All very relaxing for a family afternoon.


The sister and I both loved The Producers; parts were completely charming, parts were the hardest I've laughed in a long time, and like my sister said, we've had no idea that Andreas Bieber (an utterly adorable Leo Bloom) was such a good actor. The rest of the cast was also brilliant (not only the actor playing Max Bialystock, but Ulla of the many names, and the nazi writer guy), although I didn't recognise any names; it's been too long that I've been really invested in musicals.

What didn't work so well IMO was the actual 'Springtime for Hitler' bit, which was more or less what I'd expected after having seen the clip from the movie with JB on YouTube. I guess it might be different in the US, but in Austria? Really awkward. Not absurd enough to be funny (and I kind of doubt there's any way to make the idea of Hitler winning the war funny), not dark enough that part of the audience won't applaud in the end, so you just sit there for a while feeling uneasy and embarrassed, which I'm not sure is the intended effect.

The rest was brilliant, though, and if you're in Vienna, seriously, go see!


Today passed way too fast with belly-dancing practice, hennaing my hair, Russian vocabulary and spending too much time writing the ultimative Torchwood meta post from hell, I'm not kidding. Watched Merlin which, while being completely ahistoric, is also insanely adorable and beyond slashy, and I'm allowed to be shallow occasionally, plus, it's nice to have a weekly tv show to download again, *cough*...


[Final Jörg Haider ETA: So it turns out he was driving 142 km/h where 70 or even 50 (apparently he knocked down the 50 sign) were allowed. It won't stop the saintification, but I hope it'll at least shut up all those who were already talking about evil Slovenian plots. No, seriously. With some people their deaths really fit there lives, that's all one can say.]


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