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Catholicism does have its advantages, namely all kinds of public holidays... And since I see little point in visiting cemeteries I went to see the Tamara de Lempicka exhibition instead. Her style is little too much on the decorative side to truly touch me, or evoke any deeper feelings, but the paintings are less cold and superficially ornamental than I expected, maybe because paint and canvas add an organic element that no photograph can quite capture. Especially the smaller paintings are exquisite; prints, photographs or art books don't do them justice at all, always to a greater or lesser extent failing to convey the brilliance of the colours, the texture, the life of them.

Though it's really only a short period of her work that really captured me, late 20ies to mid 30ies, when she'd honed her art to absolute perfection. In the earlier paintings (and 1925 or 1927 makes quite a lot of difference) she's still searching for her own style and there are still... insecurities, maybe; and most of her later work, or at least what was exhibited there, didn't really catch my interest, either.

And [insert fervent expression of gratitude to deity of your choice] my sister just called that A. is sick, and could we see the movie some other time? She's suggested Sieben Zwerge (German comedy I'm 95% certain I'll either hate or be bored to tears by) yesterday, and I couldn't think of any excuse, or rather any polite excuse that didn't make me look quite the arrogant elitist bitch, because Are you on crack?! No! (well, the German equivalent thereof) certainly suggested itself...


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