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Hm. *yawn* This getting up at six for morning runs messes up my inner clock, sleeping patterns & time schedule. Tired, tired, tired, always too early.

Mon: Ran (58 mins, no break), work, nothing much of interest happened.

Tue: Ran (40 mins, 20 mins; ducks still asleep on the stone rim of the fountain); work; met U. and her boyfriend in what turned out to be a SM cafè. Not that I minded, the cafè part was perfectly normal anyway, but I still kinda wonder wonder why they invited me there (unless it was to see if I'd be shocked), because I don't really want to think too hard about their sex life, much less be part of it. Or perhaps I'm being paranoid. Then I was given a tour and we (accidentally - I hope) walked in on someone's bondage session. Um. Which was somewhat embarrassing, (alright, I admit it) a bit of a turn on, but mostly really surreal, this being U., who I mostly know from work and sure as hell never pictured in the same room with a naked, moaning woman being tied up by someone looking vaguely like Hermann Nitsch. Ah well.

[Feel free to laugh.]

Wed: Hot. Visited the horse at the clinic. Got a haircut. Saw Prisoner of Azkaban with my sister and her somewhat less enthusiastic boyfriend.

Loved it. )

Thunderstorms, downpour, hail.

Thu: Dragged myself out of bed early, despite really not wanting to, ran (66 mins, no break; beautiful: after all the rain & sun, lush flowers, roses, waterlilies in the fountains...), visited the horse, listlessly watched M.'s PotC DVD, and sadly this is another of those movies you should avoid re-watching. Partly cleaned the flat.

Ate a lot of strawberries.

Re-reading the Iliad and still want to say something about Troy, if I ever can find the time & energy. Vaguely want to see it again, perhaps in English, although if I'm almost certain I'd regret it and whatever enjoyment I had would be spoiled.


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