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In rather less important news, but I'm so pleased I've got to show it off, I lost almost all my hair at the hairdresser's on Friday. I don't think it's been this short since I have hair, but I've never been happier with a haircut. Should have done this years ago.

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Between one thing and another (::cough:: tiredness & fit of depression, that is), I never got around to finish writing this. Our biking tour on Monday wasn't so bad, after all. On the plus side, an incredibly beautiful landscape, lush green because of all the rain recently, but still with a touch of early spring bareness (I wish I'd taken the camera, but then we probably wouldn't have made it past the 10 km mark...), and pretty villages with old houses; 62.5 km (Mistelbach - Poysdorf - Aspern) with lots of uphill/downhill, so even with a couple of breaks (lunch-break with very questionable pizza) there was some exercise, if nothing else. Also [insert gleeful smirk] I overtook Ch. on every single uphill track, except the one where i misjudged and had to get off the bike, which I find kind of funny and also rather satisfying, because since she's doing the physiotherapy thing, she's been all about how to exercise correctly, and that I should get this device to measure my pulse while running &c., & so on & so forth. But apparently I must have been doing something right...

Also, we were overtaken by some cars from the Gumball Rally in Poysdorf.

On the more... blah side... It's not that I dislike either Ch. or T., it's just this thing with people whom you've met at university and known for fifteen years and but developed in different directions, and if I wasn't taking care of Ch.'s horse, we probably wouldn't even be seeing each other any longer. And there just isn't much left we share, and not much to talk about, which makes conversations rather uninteresting and superficial, without any real chance ever going deeper, the kind of conversation that always feels like you're playing a part, or performing a duty, and I wonder, am I the only one noticing this? Is it just that I was never good at smalltalk and am growing more and more impatient with it?
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Ran 1 hr. 25 mins., so there's that at least. The physical part isn't the problem, even what with having been sick this week that went well enough, no gasping, no extra breaks... it's a more of a mental exhaustion - I used to enjoy doing this, now getting up is something of an ordeal if I manage it at all (it was easier in November, when it was cold and still pitch dark), and I'm forcing myself to go through with it, because, weight issues, fitness issues, guilt, &c.

So I guess I'll go on that bicycle tour with Ch. and T. tomorrow after all, although I really don't want to & have been rehearsing excuses for days. But it's not as if I would do anything worthwhile otherwise, I'm not even in the mood for photographing at the moment, and it's pointless to even try when I'm in the kind of mood where I'm at odds with myself and the world. 60 km of biking will at least do something for my body.


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