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Very dead from stress. Also nauseous, headachy and slightly nerve-break-down-y. Maybe more than just slightly, today. Found an apartment (nothing signed yet, but barring hitherto unforeseeable complications & catastrophies it's mine), in a bit of a rush, because the job situation suddenly (or more precisely, predictably, but I kept hoping that I'd have a bit more time...) started looking increasingly iffy this week, and I want the contract signed and everything, so that I can focus on finding a new job, which of course triggers an entire new round of panic. Needs a bit of fixing, doesn't have much of a view, much less a yard with trees and snowdrops and crocuses and whatnot (*siiiiigh*), but it's larger, with a separate small bedroom, it's quiet, I can keep my internet provider, the house is nice, it's pretty central, and I'm moving back into the fourth district, which makes me feel a bit childhood nostalgic, so it'll be fine. I hope. Part of me is of course entirely panicky about having made the wrong choice, which is stupid, because it's not as if I'm buying it.

*sips camomile tea to calm stomach*

Also, there's now married (but more upfront about it, with pictures of wife & kids in his account) flickr guy no. 2 sending me messages that he's thinking about me. A lot. A bit déjà vu, that.

So, dear friendslist, who is less naive and completely clueless than me - 1) how should I take that, and 2) how do I respond? Gah.


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