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Can I get any more lethargic? Words don't make sentences, much less sense. :: sigh :: What will go next, what will I allow to slip away?

A few day ago I started to do [ profile] czaria's meme for lack of anything more interesting, but didn't get further than the second question: 9 things you look forward to ...and I couldn't think of any. at. all, except for the most prosaic, like having a whole weekend off. Now this can't be normal or healthy by any standards and put what apparently were my delusions about getting a grip on my life in perspective again.

I mean, what kind of life is this?


''Draco made his voice self-consciously off-hand. ''Well, now we've sorted out the minor domestic problem of Mrs P. trying to poison Neville because she was convinced he was having an affair with the vicar, then yes, everything's fine. But I must say, Hermione, next time you do a thaumaturlurgical audit of any premises of mine, it'd cause a lot fewer problems all round if you were thorough enough to actually mention little details like *necromantic rites, desecrated graveyards and stolen skeletal remains* in your final report.'' '' )


quiz thingy... )
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+ just spent an inordinate amount of time trying to figure out how to make the space for the 'subject' line longer. tried colspan, tried td width, but only managed to fuck up the code beyond repair. i wish i knew more html...

+ finally discovered the mystery of the noisy crows today. i thought they were lonely, annoying, maybe mating or just plain neurotic, but actually it's the cat. everytime it gets out in the courtyard, the crows go frantic. when i moved in, the first time they suddenly started crowing like mad in the middle of the night, it almost scared me. not that i'm superstitious or anything, but it was a bit eerie...

+ ate too much apricot cake, but can't quite feel guilty about it.

+ caught part of some mmanson special on mtv. i still rather enjoy watching the videos up to and including m.a., but, please, calling yourself a capital-A-artist in every other sentence doesn't make you (more of) one. :: rolleyes ::

+ being already tired, bored and stuck in fornt of the tv i watched 2 random episodes of voager and ds9... er. voyager is still annoyingly boring; the crew uses more hair styling products than can possibly be healthy for the atmosphere of the ship. ds9 is still a bad babylon 5 rip off, but i can't dislike it as much as i'd want to, because i rather love both Kira and Dax. :: cough :: moving on....

(on a sidenote, why is most star trek slash so unbearably saccharine? must be the fluffy uniforms, or something. there really ought to be a limit to how many times two grown persons can say 'i love you' during the course of a medium length fic.)

+ had an interesting conversation with u. yesterday, that made me reconsider some things... more about that later. well, maybe.

[ / babbling mode]

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the plot bunny? hopping around madly. i walk to work, anywhere, 15 mins, and scenes pop up in my mind, characters get fleshed out, plot lines develop & connect... and it scares me, because i never thought it'd get even that far, i haven't written anything even remotely fictitious since, well sometime in school. never had even the inclination, except maybe as a child, and i most certainly wasn't a prodigy even then. but now i have a plot that gets more complex every day and in an ideal case could be meaningful and philosophical (i'd like to think), only i'll never be able to pull it of. never. i've got this maybe potentially good fic in my mind and if it gets written at all, it'll be badly written. god!, this is frustrating.

also, i want chocolate...

:: whines ::

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(the fanish stuff will go in this journal, too.)

there are any number of reasons why i probably should avoid writing fanfiction at all cost. language. inability to put myself in another person's place even in real life, which doesn't bode well for fiction. language (as in, i wouldn't be writing in my first language). sex. language. lack of writing experience. language.

but. there's this andromeda plot bunny that won't go away. :: facepalm :: dylan/tyr, and it just might be interesting. and i don't see anyone writing it for me.

butbutbut. total lack of prose writing experience, academic thesis apart. also, this isn't going to be just a drabble.

every other fandom, i never felt even the remotest need to write myself, because it's already been written, and better than i ever could ever dream of doing. but between the leather, uniforms, chain mail and uneven (to say the least) quality of the show, the andromeda fandom seems to attract bad prose and kinky sex; character analysis and subtlty, not so much. scroll down a bit, and chances are someone will be either beaten up, tied up, or both. :: rolleyes :: yes, evil nietzscheans, cruel universe, we get it. but so cliché it's beyond boring. also, bdsm isn't really my kink. (there's one thing worse, though, and that's gushing protestations of love five paragraphs into a story. personally i don't see *any* of the andromeda characters, male or female, outright admitting to being in love except under torture, or after a at least 400kb build-up...)

pity, because andromeda to me the slashiest show ever. i've been reading a lot of ships i don't necessarily see in the original show / book, but here? everyone/everyone, slash, het, whatever. excluding rev bem.

to try or not to try...

grammar, which i never give much of a thought to. would need to research philosophy. damn. :: cries ::


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