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I'm way, waaaay emotionally over-invested in this stupid show, damn it. There's really no point whining about unfairness, because over the last weeks better dancers had to leave (the one thing I am inclined to complain about, however, is the latent panic that the Rumba might be zomg!*gasphorror*erotic when this is something the judges repeatedly wanted to see from the male/female couples...), but I was still sniffing a bit to see them go. Well done, guys.

Today's Rumba and (quite brilliant) Quickstep:

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It's not as if I'm usually doing whatever exciting things people do on Friday evenings, which makes it kind of pointless to rhetorically bemoan that this is how I'm spending them now... So, without further ado or embarrassment, Dancing Stars update!

Sorry to see Mirna go, but, yay, they're through to the semi finals!

Slow Waltz (Moon River):

Training video ('Wenn du mich wirklich lieb hast, vergiss diese bledn blauen Bandln.')

Mambo Italiano:

Also, last week's Slowfox (Always Look on the Bright Side of Life) & the Jive (Boogie Woogie Bugle Boys) from the week before that.
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I'm not actually a fan of Alfons Haider because most of the TV and theatre stuff he does is rather too conventional for my taste, but this said, 1) that he's doing this is this country is really brave, and 2) while their dances can be a bit hit or miss, the waltz was both fun and just beautiful. And it's nice to see him getting more comfortable.

Seriously, go watch!

Training video, rather adorable.


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