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Long time, no update, round two.

Mostly I've just been very, very tired. Last week my braces finally came out (three hours, one and a half panicky nervous breakdowns), and maybe that's another indication of how wrong my brain's wired, but when everyone expected me to be happy and whatnot... I guess a rational part of me was, but mostly I fell into this deep dark hole of exhaustion and feeling just very blank, which happens to me every time a stressful situation suddenly ceases to exist, or when something I've been looking forward to finally happens. Anyway. My mouth is mostly metal-free again except for two bits of wire behind the front teeth.

Didn't help that this was Monday morning and we had our final communication seminar that evening. Where we also did a short DISC test, and unsurprisingly I fell squarely into the C(onscientious), er, square, by a whole 10 point margin. *facepalm* And looking at the profile for C's, no wonder I'm having the problems at work that I'm having.

Fast forward through the rest of the week, work, belly-dancing class, horse, niece, dentist appointment, another orthodontist appointment, work until 5 pm on Saturday, brief photowalk through the Prater with a (another, that is) guy from the Vienna flickr group, then movie date with R. (Milk, which has its moments, especially where it reflects the whole Proposition 8 issue, but on the whole failed to pull me into the story, partly I suspect due to the incredibly grating German dubbing; it took me half the movie to get used to Sean Penn's 'voice'.)

This week has been a bit less hectic, but I still haven't really recovered. Got my removable braces for the upper jaw this morning, and gah. Still not pleasant. Now I suddenly remember why I stopped wearing them as a child.

Being Human eps.5 & 6 )

OTOH, I'm increasingly fascinated with Dollhouse. It's hard to be sure yet, but the show has the potential to be very, very interesting, and address a lot of questions about identity, humanity and relationships. I just hope JW is going somewhere with that in the sense that there'll be the metaphorical light at the end of the tunnel, instead of the all-encompassing bleakness of the AtS finale, because as it is the show is already incredibly pessimistic about the state of human relationships, particularly male/female relationships (cf. ep.2 especially). But other than with the first episodes of BH so far I never had the feeling that even for a moment he does not know how completely creepy and wrong the whole scenario is. (Or at least I hope I'm not wrong about that, because otherwise, ouch.) Buffy, Angel, even Firefly, they all were about the importance of friendship (much more than romantic love), but here so far none of the relationships (in the loosest sense of the word) are even real, even the ones that are something beside using/abusive.

Six hours of work, then weekend, thank god.

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# Long time, no update. Mostly due to being tired and inarticulate and really boring, and did I mention tired? Slept until 11 on Sunday, and then again three or four hours in the afternoon. Didn't even manage to do my Russian homework.

# New layout, because I needed something a bit more colourful in this dreary weather, and liked this one when I saw it on someone else's journal. I only kind of wish I'd known it'd also involve hours of inapt chasing after and trying to eliminate all the underlines and bottom-borders that the usual A {text-decoration: none} typed into the custom CSS box wouldn't take care of, and then changing the link colour for the entries since the links were barely visible without the (pseudo-)underline, and giving them a mouse-over colour. However, mission accomplished. Stop laughing now, [ profile] nacktmull70. ;)

Alternatively, I wish I were less obsessive about underlined links. But I really do dislike them.

# Dollhouse ep.1 )

# Being Human ep.4 )

# There's some kind of huge TW S3 spoiler that I'll now have to avoid until, what, June? For months? Oh, *sigh*. Not that I actually hang out in TW or DW related communities, but I do remember where I found out about Snape killing Dumbledore, and it wasn't anywhere HP related...

# I got the DVD from our belly-dance show yesterday, but haven't dared watch it yet, because what if it makes me want to give up dancing out of complete embarrassment? Which would be a pity, because we're working with a veil this semester, and I do enjoy that...

# Read Robert Menasse's Die Vertreibung aus der Hölle over the weekend, the first book in a long while that I actually read from start to finish in three days and couldn't put down. Now if I only were able to say something appropriately clever about it... Part of the problem is that it's an intelligent and complex novel that I'd probably have to reread to really discuss, because I think I missed a lot, and my brain still doesn't seem to be completely online, but more importantly it struck me as a very personal book. I've read a few reviews, and most of them dwell on the the historic elements and insist that it's actually two novels, but IMO that is wrong, at least insofar as what the book is getting at and actually discussing is something beyond the sum of the two story-lines, something for which the historic elements and the whole structure of the book serves as a vehicle, a parable, a rhetoric figure, so to speak. Essentially, IMO, it's a book about identity, specifically Jewish identity, and it seems disrespectful to analyse and make assumptions from an outsider perspective.

I guess this is where people who embrace the whole 'Death of the Author' thing have it easier. I felt uncomfortable enough talking about TM's Doktor Faustus because it's such a personal novel, even if TM himself wrote a The Making Of novella emphasising how personal a book it is, and then handed over the missing pieces with the diaries, and maybe I should dig up, finish and post that entry one of these days. Not to mention he's been dead for quite a while.

# Every time I fall in love with a new show I have the tendency to friend all kinds of communities that I barely skim anymore a few weeks later mostly because of the ratio of stuff that's worth reading vs. stuff that isn't, but sometimes keeping them around is actually useful. [ profile] bbc_merlin_news linked an interesting essay by [ profile] lilithilien about Tarot symbolism in Merlin. What especially struck me in view of my own lengthy ramble about The Labyrinth of Gedref was how the image of Merlin and Arthur facing each other across the table and the two cups mirrors the Two Of Cups card in a way that I don't think can be coincidental. I'm not familiar with Tarot beyond the reading [ profile] soavezefiretto did for me once so I wasn't aware of the symbolism of the card (which essentially seems to be in keeping with the dragon's 'two halves of the same thing', and the process of getting there), or, in fact its existence, because as far as I remember it didn't turn up then, but it neatly falls into place with my own interpretation of the episode...

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I guess I'll have to either give up watching Being Human, or at least shut up about it, because I really don't want to turn into the kind of person that bitches and whines after every episode.

Ep. 3 It wasn't altogether awful (kind of liked Gilbert and especially his choice of music), but aside from the fact that there's barely any emotional resonance for me, I simply can't deal with how this show treats its female characters.

spoilers )

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Watched the second episode of Being Human, and I've got to say I'm feeling increaslingly meh about this show. If you've read and/or watched any two books/movies/tv shows with vampires trying to be the good guys (or more precisely: authors wanting them to be the at least sort-of good guys) and trying to avoid the whole killing people thing, this isn't very new, except for the question of how does Vampire Guy actually survive. Maybe it's that not so very long ago I watched all all seven seasons of Buffy, and after having followed Spike's arc this just pales a bit in comparison.

The show does have potential, but I find the execution kind of boring and a bit clicheed, and while the pilot really gripped me, nothing else has so far.

And don't even get me started about their treatment of their female characters, one of whom is a ghost who mostly makes endless cups of tea and coffee and is invisible to her alive-and-kicking-(ex)-boyfriend, and the other is on the evil mission of tempting Reformed!Vampire Guy back to the Dark Side. Which I began to mentally compose a vague comment/complaint about halfway through the episode (after Ghost!Girl just told Evil!Werewolf Guy a story about how she used to make her boyfriend breakfast and watch him eating it), when the nurse Werwolf Guy tries to (ineffectually) pick up calls her period 'dirty lady time', and What.The Hell. Who writes this, and what century are they from? Or probably more precisely, is he?

And then Ghost!Girl gets sexually assaulted by Evil!Werewolf Guy. Figures.

I thought Merlin occasionally had its issues regarding its female characters, but (so far) Being Human makes it look positively feminist, and Merlin had to work around the historic setting, too...


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