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Saw Watchmen with G., and mostly liked it. It was a bit uneven maybe, but there were good bits, touching bits, interesting bits, bits that were maybe a tad banal, and quite a few bits that I was watching (or more often, not watching; you were so right [ profile] soavezefiretto, and I'll probably be going to sleep with the light on today) through my fingers, but on the whole I found it interesting, albeit very, very bleak. Great choice of music, the best opening credits I've seen in a long while, and an unexpected, ambiguous ending that I still don't quite know what to think about. I'm glad it turned out that way though, because I really liked Adrian/Ozymandias and I'd have hated to seem him turn out to be a one-dimensional villain, the more so as it'd make him the vaguely-coded-as-gay one-dimensional (if kick-ass and highly competent) villain, and we already had the dead lesbians in the opening credits.

Complaints... Female characters, or lack thereof, and their treatment, although I'm going to be shallow for a moment here and say that Laurie looked stunning in her costume. And I'm trying and failing to remember a non-white character that didn't get killed within minutes (if that) of their appearance on screen, oh, wait, this is the guy who did 300? Colour me unsurprised then.

(Something I do wonder, though - how... abstract is this movie for those who don't actually remember the cold war, who did not grow up with the threat of nuclear war?)

*yawn* Tired. Bed.


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