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Picture spam, pt.3. (*) This was a week ago, although with all the snow today I can hardly believe that. I almost didn't make it out of bed when the alarm rang at 5:15 (or more precisely, I very nearly crawled back into bed again, even after I'd already breakfasted and packed my rucksack), but I'm very, very glad I did...

(*) Very spammy indeed. The day was glorious and I couldn't decide which pictures to pick and which to leave out.


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# Considering the weather conditions in the US it's probably ridiculous to complain about a little untimely snow at the end of October, but still... on Friday I was still hiking up to almost 1.900m and now I'm looking out of the window and everything is white, although already somewhat less so than this morning, which is A Good Thing, since my car still has its summer tyres and I need to drive home tomorrow. Telling the bosses I'm snowed in probably wouldn't be too well received and going home by train, leaving the car here and fetching it next Sunday, is more of a bother than I want to go through with.

# Will have an early lunch and then go for a walk ~in the snow~.

# Pulled out the Meta of Doom again yesterday and actually beat the second half into, well, something a little more approaching a shape than it was before, but, wah. I'm still not sure it holds together, I keep getting side-tracked by Jack (cut! delete!), and by the time it will be finished, presuming I'll ever get that far, that is, there'll be no one left interested in reading it.

# Haven't watched this week's Merlin yet, but last week's was... pretty much what [ profile] selenak says here; partly not bad, largely stale and frustrating. Season five and Arthur still gets conveniently knocked out when Merlin does something magical? Quo usque tandem, show, quo usque tandem...

# Clearing out my backlog... (The weather could have been better, but it was a nice hike and I still kind of like the pictures.)


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