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Hu. Because I seem to be in a writerly mood again all of a sudden, I went through my notes from rewatching Buffy - the whole of it; I actually made it through all seven seasons, albeit with the occasional bit of fastforwarding, as well as binge-watching over the Christmas holidays.

BtVS S 1-7 )

Wesley in BtVS and AtS )

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Tired, cranky, headache. Don't want another family birthday. Even if it's my niece's. ::whine::

Since I never seem to have the time to actually sit/lie down and really read anything recently, I haven't much more than browsed through Russell T. Davis's book (although I have started at the beginning now, and it's rather fascinating. Also his frustration with TW 2.1, which I was going to say maybe was the reason why KKBB never completely worked for me, but apparently it got dumped on Chris Chibnall eventually...), reading a couple of pages here and there (so he wasn't completely happy with the Rose/Doctor.2 ending, either), but leafing through the pages I stumbled across this.

Put a man and a woman of roughly the same age on screen and you're telling a story. That's a love story. (Storytelling is very heterosexual in that sense. But that's why gay storytelling is exciting, because the images are still new.) The choice to put those two characters together on screen, in a story, is the crucial thing. Everything else is just detail. And luck. That's what makes you care. The archetypes. They run deep. [...] Man, woman, on screen = love story. Very little work necessary. (p 123)

Which I kind of agree with and kind of disagree, because while it's undoubtedly true, this (and I've said that before) is what for me makes so many of the heterosexual relationship on screen essentially uninteresting. Maybe/probably my brain is simply wired wrong, but if too much of the subsequent story relies just on this, and only this, I'll yawn and and switch off — or start slashing, depending on how interesting the rest of the show and the other characters are. It may be a love story, but it's also often (to me, at any rate) a boring love story. Now I'm not saying that I've never followed or enjoyed one of the will-they-or-won't-they-get-together storylines, but on the whole they don't make for the best storytelling, because once that question is resolved most of the time a) the show is over, b) they're heading towards break-up, or, special bullet point for Joss Whedon, c) someone gets killed.

So generally speaking putting a bit more work and character development into it is not actually a bad thing. The IMO still perfect example of Doing It Right are Sheridan and Delenn on Babylon 5, my OTPest OTP for something like a decade. It's hard to attempt looking at a show one has watched & rewatched with a fresh eye, but was there ever even the suspense of whether they'd get together? I don't think so, or at any rate one was rather more worried about them winning the war and saving the universe. Having a plot that encompasses and mingles action and romance rather than dividing it in two separate storylines, and upsetting a lot of tv gender clichés in the process is what made it so epic and unique. Thank you, MJS. :)

Now Joss Whedon frankly sucks at writing relationships, especially happy relationships, because as a rule he only sets them up to end them in the most painful way possible, but Buffy and Spike, in their own messed up way were a bit like that; even when it always was pretty clear they wouldn't have a happily ever after, they both learned something about themselves and each other in the process, which changed them for the better, it was plotty and not boring to watch. OTOH most of the male/female relationships on Angel were completely uninteresting; Cordelia/Angel as well as the Wesley/Fred/Gunn triangle, because they're indeed little more than man, woman, on screen = love story, and barely that, maybe partly because they never needed to work as relationships for the plot to go forward. I don't think saying that canonically Angel and Wesley had the most complex, if completely fucked up, relationship on that show has anything to do with slash googles, and one day I'm really going to write that essay. Or, Smallville, when I was still watching; Clark/Lex vs. Clark/Lana.

On a similar note, to be perfectly honest, Jack/Ianto would never have caught my interest, and certainly not got me writing all those endless rambling meta posts, if it hadn't come after Cyberwoman with the Fragments backstory and all the... if not exactly canonical, then at least canonically implied complexity and ambiguities resulting from that. So granted, once again a bit messed up, and maybe unhealthily codependent and whatnot, and apparently I've got a faible for that kind of thing, but take that away, and the banter-innuendo-coffee thing would be really kind of boring.

Well, in my opinion. It's pretty obvious that 90+% of fandom differs. Cf. above, brain wired wrong, and all that...

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Ah well. There's always time, and - perhaps - just enough remaining brain power for a meme...

Joss-verse (BtVS/AtS)

1. The first character I first fell in love with:
Wesley? I think it might have been Doyle that first caught my interest, but I'm not entirely sure any longer.

2. The character I never expected to love as much as I do now:
Well, love is perhaps too strong a word, but Buffy. I originally started watching BtVS mid-season 4, and I never much liked her, her rather rigid way of seeing things in terms of black and white, good or evil. Too angsty, too... she's not an easy character to like, or to get close to. With her you really need to follow her arc from the beginning to fully appreciate where she's coming from, to understand the impact of the whole Angel fiasco, and what a burden being the slayer really is.

3. The character everyone else loves that I don't:
Hm. Xander. There are moments when I do like him, because mostly he does, in the end, genuinely regret when he messed up or went too far and, however hard it may be for him, apologises and/or fixes things, but I don't get the wide appeal of the character, and there are moments when he really irritates me, especially when it comes to Buffy and her relationships with Angel and Spike. Lingering jealousy, perhaps, and yes, from a rational POV his attitude is somewhat understandable, but there's a depth of hatred I just find off-putting.

4. The character I love that everyone else hates:
Well, I don't find Dawn as annoying as many seem to do, but otherwise... I like Riley, too.

5. The character I used to love but don't any longer:
Willow comes closest. Somewhere along the line I just fell out of love.

6. The character I would shag anytime:
Tara. She's pretty, and normal. Pretty much all the other characters come with too much emotional baggage.

7. The character I'd want to be like:
None! This is Jossverse where no one gets out alive has a chance for happiness, ever. Please. I have enough depression in my life as it is.

8. The character I'd slap:
I'm not one for slapping people, but Xander, on a few occasions.

9. A pairing that I love:
Canon-wise, Buffy/Spike. Fanon-wise, Wesley/Angel.

10. A pairing that I despise:
Angel/Cordelia; they worked so well as friends, why bring in the romantic element, except that apparently a tv-show must have romance. Much too saccharine amd forcedly angsty; from Angel's perspective I could never see Cordelia as more than Buffy rebound, and Cordelia always had delusions of 'He's got a soul, he's different' about Angel, more so than Buffy.

[Oh well, apparently I should have waited for someone to tell me what fandom to meme-ise... Suggestions, wishes - anyone?]
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[The entry I was too tired to write yesterday.

# Overslept; I always have the most strange and vivid dreams in that hour or so when I fall asleep again after I've turned off the alarm - or perhaps those are just the dreams that I remember. Part of it was an almost sexual dream about Alina - she turns up so regularly in my dreams, apparently my subconscious mind is trying to prompt me to call her, but while facing the remainders of our friendship might give me closure, I dread it too much, dread meeting a stranger, and being a stranger, dread judgment and not being good enough.

Then this morphed into an adventurish sort of dream, with at least some of the Harry Potter characters (a distorted dream version of them anyway, slightly evil-ish Weasleys); at one point, towards the end, I remember standing there, thinking that this was like some piece of fanfic... ::shakes head::

(Sometimes it scares me how vivid my dreams are, or what this says about the blandness of my life...)

# Can't re-watch Angel S5, at least not right now; I've stopped after one and a half episodes. Of course, even during S1-4 you know how it's going to end, but it's not quite as immediate. But S5... I look at the characters, and I see pain and death, and the meaninglessness of that last stand, and it just depresses me too much for my current state of mind.

# On a slightly related note, cutest couple ever. (Alexis Denisof and Alyson Hannigan).

Also, survived the company Christmas dinner, which was awkward and tedious as usual. Not enough alcohol, and no surprises. Characteristically, the restaurant has pretensions that the quality of the kitchen simply doesn't back up; I don't intend to come off as snobby, I'd gladly have had pizza, it's the attitude that I hate; the quality of the food should come first, not the fancy plates and decorative garnish.]

# Lychees and dates, my comfort food of choice at the moment.

# In an ideal world there would be indestructible cd cases. Oh yes.
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::groan:: Tooth fixed, all pretty (or at least so I was told) and expensive, and I seem to remember I was also promised that this would be the last appointment for the time being, but, hey, wait, there's a fissure in one of the old fillings and I'm back there again in two weeks. Gah. I can't do this. Minor nervous break down.

It's cold, today felt more like January than November, blue sky, crystal clear light, freezing northern wind, thin layers of ice and snow only melting in direct sunshine. Lovely, though. To me Vienna is always most beautiful in this kind of winter light.

Tired all the time. Between the low temperatures, work and the stress of dentist appointments I haven't been on morning runs for almost two weeks now, and feel fat, unfit and guilty, but getting up at six just doesn't seem feasible right now. Last weekend slipped by so fast with my father's birthday and the breakfast/movie date with R. and U. No Saturday/Sunday weekends for me now until after Christmas.

Watched AtS S4 for tv comfort food, because I needed it, and this seems to be all I'm fit for recently. (Still haven't finished Böse Geister, only ever reading a few pages here and there, during lunchbreaks, on the underground, although I'm actually fascinated by it - sometimes I think I ought to throw out the tv, dvd player and possibly the computer. Sayeth the girl who just bought Buffy S7. Ah well.) Anyway. It's still damned good, very ambitious, and for the greatest part incredibly well acted. Ended up liking Connor a lot more than I did the first time I watched it, and Fred rather less (less-er). She's cute and intelligent and whatnot, but when it comes right down to it, she's a spoiled princess who in her heart believes that things should go according to her wishes, lacking in empathy and extremely clingy. She uses Wesley when it serves her needs, dumps Gunn for what he did for her, with her, is offended when she finds out about Wesley and Lilah, because that makes it impossible for Wesley to immediately replace Gunn as a boyfriend, is, again, vaguely offended, when Gunn doesn't immediately jump at the chance to get together with her, and is incapable of understanding that Wesley didn't at least hate Lilah while sleeping with her (and this is where I really begin to hate her wide-eyed 'OMG how could you' look) and crushes on Willow for no good reason whatsoever... It's not so much that in itself which makes her annoying, but the way no one ever acknowledges her faults but rather goes on and on and on about the wonderfulness that is Winifred Burkle. Lilah is right in that, Fred never understands Wesely at all; they work on a superficial level, because they're both intelligent and science-orientated, but not on the visceral level, there just isn't the sense of togetherness and understanding you get from Wesley and Lilah even when they snark at each other, or from Wesley and Angel throughout S4.

On a somewhat related note, pondered and wrote half a lj-entry about the whole female characters/femslash, or lack thereof/possible misogyny issue, but haven't quite come to an conclusion yet, not the least because of my brain's ability to argue itself out of any opinion, if I only give it enough time.

Watched Maurice on dvd (bought in a fit of nostalgia; also, deleted scenes; also, quite cheap), and while I'll most likely have seen it again sometime between fifteen (I really must have been this young because I remember reading the German translation of the novel afterwards, not the English original) and now, I certainly read the book more often in the meantime, and it's interesting how both blurred in my mind. There are scenes I'd have sworn were in the movie, that I can almost see with the movie-cast, but aren't, while at the same time in my mind Maurice will always be blond and Clive dark-haired... My focus has shifted of course, because my romantic fifteen year-old self back then could never really get over Maurice and Clive not working out, probably didn't really get the sexual aspect, the full impact of Clive's insistence on a platonic relationship, but I'm still rather fond of the film...

0:34 Really ought to go to bed now...
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::facepalm:: I'm rather afraid now begins the season where the best anyone will get from me is more or less brainless rambling about fanish topics and assorted groaning and whining about work and Christmas.

Watched two episodes of S4 Angel, which apparently is a kind of tv comfort food, albeit in a slightly masochistic rip out my heart, trample on it and goddamn I hate JW for fucking every character over in the worst way possible before finally killing them way. Watching these people struggle, knowing that there won't be a happy or even normal life end for any of them, with the possible exception of Connor, is downright cruel.

Meme, from [ profile] pinkyogamuffin

List 10 things that bring you joy and then tag 10 friends.

01. Creating - bad & rather pretentious choice of words, but I can't think of any better. Used to be ceramics; more recently, taking photos (I'm aware they're not particularly artistic, but the pleasure is in the process of seeing, choosing a motif, creating your own personal view of things). Can be something more prosaic like re-decorating the apartment or re-arranging books at work.
02. Nature, even little bits like walking through the park or looking up and seeing the moon and stars in the sky.
03. Figuring things out, analysing, bringing some kind of order in my thought process.
04. Music.
05. The kind of morning run when everything just fits, beautiful sunrise, your body is actually kind of enthusiastic for once...
06. Skiing.
07. Favourite tv shows on dvd.
08. Praise, especially from people I care for. Being appreciated. It's pathetic, but I can't help it.
09. Being able to give someone a present they really like.
10. Good conversations, the kind where some connection is established, where you actually talk with each other instead of at one another.
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Sunny and warm, beautiful day, slightly tainted by the faint melancholy of Sundays. Did this breakfast & movie thing with some people from work, we saw Fatih Akin's Crossing the Bridge, which is a truly amazing, wonderful film about the music of Istanbul and the power and impact of music, regardless of genre - everything from rap to the music of the Roma, Kurdish music, traditional Turkish music... Very powerful; beautiful shots, too.

I think I'll have to check out Gegen die Wand now. And buy the soundtrack, although I really should re-reconsider buying not really necessary stuff in view of the possible computer situation... ::le sigh::


Trying to unclutter notepad. Still. Again. Never ending story rambling. The 10? 12? 20? (can't quite remember) favourite emotional tv moments meme, picked up a long time ago somewhere in the wastes of lj-land.

Jossverse-centric, because that's what I've been watching recently, and while I would love to give a comprehensive and conclusive review of [ profile] solitary_summer's most favourite tv moments evar, re-watching five season of B5 (or any other tv show I was ever fond of) just isn't happening at the moment. And really, I don't want to consider what it says about my psychic make-up that I even consider this an issue and would this be a good place to confess that I shuffled my interests around quite a bit for the 10 interests meme?

Sorted chronologically and by fandom, not squee factor.

17 (16) favourite emotional tv moments )
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Saturday randomness:

* I don't even like the music, but will watch entire videos for the sheer prettiness of Gwen Stefani.

* What bugs me about Angel can be summed up in two quotes:

"The fact that his death is prophesied - which isn't good news - doesn't concern me nearly as much as the way he took that news. (...) Death doesn't bother him because there is nothing in life he wants.  It's our desires that make us human."

[Wesley in To Shanshu in L.A., S1 finale]

"There is no perfect day for me, Illyria. There is no sunset or painting or finely-aged scotch that's going to sum up my life and make tonight any... There is nothing that I want. "

[Wesley in Not Fade Away, S5 finale]

In conclusion, Joss Whedon is a sadist.
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Project uncluttering notepad, pt. 2:

[Only I seem to be cluttering so much faster than I ever unclutter, mostly in the process of writing the project uncluttering posts, which kind of defeats the purpose... ::sigh:: ]

More fanish ramblings: the secret of interesting 'ships. )

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[exasperated/resigned] I don't know why I simply seem to be incapable of sustaining the state of mind where things actually make some kind of sense, where I have some inner calm and balance. The discontent and frustration creep in again, and the meaninglessness, or at least the doubts.

Total lack of energy; made a salad, ate strawberries, listlessly browsed through S5 Angel.

Despite my various complaints (another one is that especially towards the end the narration gets kind of choppy and rushed, and The Girl In Question is rather oddly positioned just before Power Play and Not Fade Away, but I guess that's what's bound to happen when a show gets canceled and they have to come up with the best possible ending and tie up all the threads...) - the acting is just damn good, very nuanced. I might not like Fred, but Amy Acker is a great actress to pull off the switch between Fred and Illyria like that, and Vincent Karteiser is amazing in Origins, just letting the other Connor persona shimmer through, the knowledge and the decision weighed and made in the blink of an eye.

One of my favourite S5 moments is perhaps the end of Damage, the conversation between Angel and Spike about innocence lost. Incredibly sad, and at the same time shocking in the calm matter-of-fact-ness of Angel's reminiscence.

Lindsey is still very pretty, and thank TPTB, the long hair is back.

Can I have my brain back now?
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Project uncluttering notepad, pt. 1:

Happy relationships make for boring television [or not], or B5 vs. Angel )

More AtS thoughts: Wesley, and S5 Wesley/Fred )

I really should write an entry in [ profile] _thankyou_, because Russia made me appreciate and re-evaluate a lot of things in my life I took for granted or even bitched about... I doubt this epiphany will last long, but it's worth noting.

On a rather less philosophical note, I can't believe I bought the German cast We Will Rock You CD because of an almost ten year old ex-crush, who's barely on it anyway... this seems to be the most pointless musical, ever.


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Yesterday, another morning run, although my body and muscles always protest a little, doing it two days in a row, but it's my own fault, having been so lazy this week, letting fangirldom take over. Strafe muss sein, and all that.

Bought new Doc Martens, black, which I've always been trying to avoid so far, but none of the other colours really caught my fancy.

Two black shirts from H&M identical to the two I bought last time, but what else is there to buy at the moment? Is it just me, or is this spring/summer fashion particularly eye-gaugingly atrocious? Really, I have neither the body-type nor the mind-set for shirts with ruffles and that kind of thing.

And don't even get me started on shoes. Hence, see above.

Got depressed trying on jeans, because I really need to lose a few kilos.

Got further dpressed, walking down the Mariahilferstrasse, because what did I miss and when did everyone become so very pretty? So many beautiful people, making me feel awkward and fat and old, damn it.

Meme, from [ profile] soavezefiretto:

Not because you have to, but because you WANT to! Things you enjoy, even when no ones around you want to go out and play. What lowers your stress/blood pressure/anxiety level? Make a list, post it to your journal... and then tag 5 friends and ask them to post it to theirs.

* Weird as this may sound, analysing things, thinking things through. Finding patterns, order, reasons, meaning, discovering connections... Not in any big, world-changing, revelation-type way necessarily, just personal stuff, books, art, even if it's only analysing tv shows, which is all I seem to be doing lately anyway. Writing thoughts down, articulating thoguhts, feelings. I guess it's a means of acchieving a little control over my life and surroundings.

* Physical activity; any kind really. Running, walking, unpacking books at work...

* Solitude. Very important.

* Music, most of the time, but that's a little tricky, depending on the mood and the music, and whether I can make them fit. Sometimes silence is just as necessary as solitude.

* Nature. Just little things, the awareness of the trees outside my window, the scent of some blossoms when I bike home, rain on my skin... it grounds me, in a way.

Angel meme, picked up somewhere in livejournal land, and no, I'm not done fangirling yet. )

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Morning run, after a week of just not getting out of bed in time because, (um...) a whole season Angel in four evenings. I refuse to be embarrassed, though, I just love this show too much.

Does it make sense that the finale has vaguely depressed me all day?

cut for... spoilers, as in, really major spoilers, in case *someone* wants to watch and avoid those... *shifty glance at soavezefiretto* )

I'm going to miss it. It kind of sneaked up on me, but in the end Angel is perhaps the only other tv show after B5 I really got emotionally involved in and ended up loving, flaws and all.

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Confession: the Fred dies/is taken over by Illyria OMG! drama! tragedy! plot-line totally fails to impress or touch me. The whole thing feels a little forced and over-done, although that may be due to the fact that for the most part my feelings for Fred are more along the lines of finally! and good fucking riddance. There's such a thing as a too perfect character.

My main issues are 1) Give Wesley some peace, for god's sake. For a change. Last season he had to decapitate Lilah only to have her return from hell, and now this? To have Fred finally decide she does love him, only to have her die in his arms in the next episode? There's a point where the angst is cranked up to a level where IMO it ceases to have real meaning. For me his conversation with dead Lilah in Salvage had a much greater emotional impact in its quiet, understated way than Fred's endlessly drawn out dying scene.

2) Wesley and Fred (or AD and AA?) don't have any real chemistry. Wesley and Lilah may not have had the grand epic true love going for them, but they had chemistry, they connected, and when you looked at them you knew that they belonged together in a sense, however twisted that sense might be. Wesley may love Fred, but more than that I think he loves some pure ideal she represents for him, something he longs for desperately; and Fred herself has a particular selective perception where Wesley is concerned... I rather doubt they'd have worked out, because Wesley's gone to places Fred simply doesn't understand: there were enough moments where you could see just how far apart they really were. Her reaction to Wesley's relationship with Lilah, worse, that maybe he did actually care for her; her insistence that Wesley knew it wasn't actually his father when he shot him. There are plenty of things she doesn't want to see and/or tries to forget. But then, women seem to also make this kind of mistake about Angel all the time...

Too much gratuitous angst, on the whole.

Also, if they'd let Wesley keep his memories, there'd probably been a little less shooting and stabbing people, because then he'd remember what it's like there to lie in that hospital bed after a former friend tried to kill you and all your other friends hate you, because you fucked up once and triggered a sequence of events you couldn't have foreseen.

It's a rather interesting twist, reversing the roles like that and emphasising in yet another way the parallels between Angel and Wesley's character arcs, but it's a little too schematic for my taste.

This said, they broke my heart all over again with the end of Shells, Wesley and Illyria. Not the big drama death scene, but this, where he's willing to put up with this millions of years old demon (herself? itself? confused and lost in this world she/it doesn't know) who took over the body and burned away the soul of the woman he loved, in order to hold on to any scraps of memory, any timy little thing of Fred possibly left, a physical resemblance, if nothing else.

- But you will. If I abide, you will help me.

- Yes.

- Because I look like her?

- Yes.

- We cling to what is gone. Is there anything in this life but grief?

- There's love. There's hope...for some. There's hope that you'll find something worthy... that your life will lead you to some joy... that after everything... you can still be surprised.

- Is that enough? Is that enough to live on?
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Possibly/probably JW will give some sort of explanation during the second half of S5 that I haven't seen yet, but at this point I'm a little confused about what happened at the end of S4, when Angel made the deal with W&H in order to assure Connor a normal, happy life: Apparently only memories were modified, and the sequence of time and events remained the same, because Angel at least remembers what happened. However, this begs the question, if none of the others remember Connor, what did happen during the last year, and how did it happen, as far as they're concerned? It doesn't make that much of a difference for Fred or Gunn, but it makes all the difference for Wesley. There is no noticeable break in his character from S3/S4 to S5; the Wesley seen in Lineage only emerged during the darkness of that time and wouldn't have been possible otherwise - does or doesn't he remember how he turned into this man he became? How can he even be this man without the memories? Apparently the thing with Lilah happened (more or less) exactly as shown during S4 (Lineage, Wesley to his father, 'The last girl I was with I had to chop into little tiny pieces because a higher power saw fit to stab her in the neck.'; Unleashed: 'but my guests have paid a high price... some higher than others.', and the cut to Wesley's face suggests that this line (which feels a little forced in any case) isn't coincidence and that Wesley does remember the context Angel said these words to him) but how, in his (modified) memory, did he end up with Lilah in the first place, if not for kidnapping Connor and the ensuing events? Does he remember Angel trying to kill him and Fred and Gunn rejecting him, the summer with Justine in his closet, rescuing Angel, the slow way back into the group? Did these things happen in another context, for another reason?

I have to admit the full implications of this occurred to me only when Eve said 'Maybe Wesley knew what he was doing after all. Even if he doesn't remember any of it.', and it struck me as kind of sad, almost cruel, to have gone through all this, only to have it erased from your memory. It's one thing for Connor, who never had a chance from the beginning, who was already psychotic when he stumbled through the portal in S3 and fucked up beyond the help of anyone by the end of S4, but Wesley deserves to have the memories of this time, they're part of who he is, after all - not only the suffering, but that he made it through it; that he survived and made the right decisions in the end, despite the fact that no one made it easy for him. Not to mention that taking these memories is also taking a major part of the development of his friendship with Angel.

Otherwise, major fanish love. As in, five episodes per evening fanish love. [::blush::] There are still great emotional moments, but there's also great humour, and it feels good to be able to laugh again after all the deadly seriousness and big drama & tragedy of S 3/4.
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Finished S4 yesterday, meaning I can now at least temporary un-glue myself from the tv until sometime in May when S5 is released. Provided, that is, I can stifle the rather persistent urge to re-watch every single Wesley episode...

So maybe it's occasionally flawed and the characters are occasionally a little irritating, and I still feel like I've been dumped into a different show sometime mid-S3, when suddenly it's all pain, angst & apocalypse and hardly any laughter anymore, but despite all that I'm in deep fanish love. I think I'd have preferred if they'd allowed a little more time for characters and events to unfold, because since mid-S3 for me everything seemed a little too fast-paced, some episodes a little over-freighted, characters forced to to adjust to story-lines too quickly, but S4 especially has some terrific story-telling with things falling into place, and I did mention the glued-to-the-screen thing? If it's flawed it's because it's over-ambitious, and this is rare enough on tv these days.

more rambling ... )

Wesley & Angel... )

Also finished Susanna Clarke's Jonathan Strange ad Mr. Norell, which made a curiously satisfying read, considering the fact that at no point I was really emotionally invested in any of the characters. But it's always a pleasure to read a well-constructed story and I did find it compelling and occasionally touching, the world-building was convincing and despite the rather detached, Austen-esque style the inclusion of magic felt genuine - genuinely magic, more so perhaps than the Potter-verse. The ending was perfect and true to character, anything else would have spoiled the book.
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# Unsurprisingly, the horse chose this day to be particularly aggravating, too. Half an hour until she let me tie her to exactly the same pole we've been using for years. Drama queen.

# I'm so loving the camera. Now when (e.g.) I have this small wicker-basket full of blooming narcissus with the most lovely scent - entirely unexpected, too: I expected them to look pretty, never knew they'd smell at all - I can show them.

# Yes, yes, yes. Too much DVD watching recently. So far I like Angel S4 better than the second half of S3, and now I might actually be starting to mindlessly fangirl Wesley. Wesley and Angel in Deep Down... that's fucked up and beautiful, painful and almost sweet, intimate and stunningly erotic all at once, and a lot of other things I can't find words for at almost 2 am.

Going to bed now...
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In temporal order:

# Rest of last week: things returned to normal, more or less, which is a good thing? Probably.

# Saturday: family & potted plants )

# Sunday: camera woes and Angel S3 )

Still feeling vaguely sick, slight cold, clogged nose. I'd rather stay at home, but will meet U. and R. for coffee and cinema. Ah well...
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I need my morning runs back. Badly. As it is, I'm starting to mess up my sleep patterns again, up until 3 am, dragging myself out of bed at the last possible moment, constantly tired at work...

Spent way too much money on DVDs recently, but I'm surprised at how much I enjoy Angel... maybe it's the lack of dubbing, but it's so much more intense and... just generally better than I remember it being. I always enjoyed the series, but I didn't remember it actually being this good.

On a rather more shallow note, because my brain refuses to come up with deep thoughts & in-depth analysis at past 1 am, Lindsey, especially pre-haircut, is really stunningly beautiful, another thing I apparently never really noticed before... he's still very pretty with the shorter hair, but the earlier look is amazing.

[ Oh, and, [ profile] soavezefiretto - contrary to (::cough::) recent evidence, I'm not always a brainless stuttering idiot. Swear to god.]


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