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Jul. 16th, 2017 02:52 pm
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Torn between ecstatic joy and "Well, it's about bloody time!"

I can't believe it. The next Doctor is female. We finally have a female Doctor Who. The 13th Doctor is female. WE FINALLY HAVE A FEMALE DOCTOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Peter Capaldi is wonderful and I am very sad to see Twelve go. But this...this...

Tears of joy.


Musings on mum

Jul. 15th, 2017 02:02 am
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Here I am again, almost five months later. Mum died on February 19th, she took her last breath at the hospital, with me and my sister by her side. Life became so much emptier when she left us. She never did regain consciousness after those last words to me in the living-room on the 18th of February - "Det blir bättre" - "det blir bättre".. it's mum in a nutshell, but how can it get better? Time pass, and now it's not everyday that I start crying because I see or hear or find something that reminds me of her, it's not even every week, but then something happens, and the loss is there. The realization that I will never speak with mum again, that she won't answer, even if I will continue to talk to her.. 

I logged on to livejournal for the first time since mum died and went back and read old posts. So very few were tagged "mum" even if she was mentioned in many more. Dad's illness came and took over, he was, and is, always the one that got the most attention. But mum was always there, and she was our steady rock, the one that fixed everything, that made life bearable, that made the house beautiful, the one who got all my literary talk, who finished my sentences, and who had the best laugh ever. How on earth will we be able to celebrate Christmas this year? she was so ill last year, and she didn't really manage to do her usual stuff, but she was THERE, she sat in the sofa, and we got our hugs.. it was terrible to have Easter and Midsummer without her. Mum's and dad's wedding day passed and we could only be happy that they got to celebrate their 40th anniversary last year.All these special days that now will have to be remembered in another way..

In some ways it's been extra good that we still have dad to take care of.  We haven't been able to wallow in sadness, which at least I probably would have done otherwise. Dad misses mum a lot, but I think he was more prepared than we were, since mum apparently talked to him several years ago. In hindsight I can see that some of his anxiety over where mum were probably came from this. But sometimes I think he forgets that she's gone. And it feels terrible to have to tell him she isn't here. 

I haven't been able to write about mum's death until now, and it still feels inadequate and quite strange to make this post. But I think I need to try to write about it a bit more. Mum, and life after mum. The strange sensation I had in the weeks just after her death of someone touching my feet to wake me up in the middle of the night, and then waking up and hearing dad crying. Mum continues to look out for him, and her love is around inside us. Finding old postcards with her handwriting. Bickering with my sister over what to save and what to throw away. Not being able to make those decisions so instead putting quite a lot of mum's stuff in boxes in the attic instead. Crying tonight when we watched Father Brown and they sang Christmas carols, since I realized I'd never visit St Andrew's Anglican church with mum for their carol singing at Christmas again..

So many small things that just won't happen again. 

In mum's obituary we quoted one of her favourite poems by Emily Brontë, it's mum for me in so may ways:

No coward soul is mine
No trembler in the world´s storm-troubled sphere
I see Heaven´s glories shine
And Faith shines equal arming me from Fear
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The movie starts with a woman receiving a manuscript from her ex-husband. He has written a novel and wants her to read it. She does and finds it compelling—she can't seem to stop reading it.

(If this were the beginning of a Stephen King book, that would be literally true and interesting things would follow. This isn't a Stephen King book.)

As she reads, we see the story of the novel. A father, mother, and teenage daughter are driving in the desert. Another drive does something rude, the daughter gives them the finger, and the other driver forces them off the road. This seems like a hobby of the other car's occupants, three young men who deliberately frighten the family before abducting the two women. One of the young men is left with the father. He drives him elsewhere in the desert and leaves him.

The police investigate. The two women were raped and murdered. One of the young men was killed in an attempt to capture him. The other two are apprehended.

The sheriff, who doesn't seem to have a lot else to do, lets the father assist in the investigation and questioning, and when the DA declines to prosecute, tells him that he has terminal cancer. The father doesn't seem to understand this, but eventually he works out that the sheriff would like to kill the two young men, with the father's help. This doesn't work out terribly well. The two young men end up dead and so does the father . . . I think. He was shot, anyway, but for the life of me I couldn't figure out who shot him. I don't know where the sheriff went. I don't think he shot anyone.

Intercut with this dreary story we have the story of the woman and man. They started off very happy, but apparently the woman became just like her materialistic mother and was dissatisfied with him and his failing writing career. So she had an abortion and didn't tell him about it, but he saw her in a car with another man. Then they split up. She marries the other man who has about as much depth as a model in a glossy magazine ad, and spends all his time being important. She is not happy with him, either.

At the end they've made arrangements to meet at a restaurant. He stands her up, either because he's still in love with her and is afraid of the depths of his feelings or to show her what it's like when your wife has an abortion behind your back and leaves you. I hope it's the first, because that's got the be the lamest poetic justice I ever heard of.

A lot of people seem to love this movie because of how beautifully it's shot. It makes me think of something Pauline Kael said, I believe about Cruising. It's like a rat in a Lucite box.


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