Nov. 22nd, 2012

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It's been a while since I used this journal for more day-to-day blogging, so there are probably only 1-2 people still around who know what I'm talking about, but if anyone remembers the horse I complained about not so infrequently... Ch. (her owner) had her put to sleep yesterday. She had a (typical, stupid, stupid, stupid, and she should have been quieter at her somewhat advanced age) accident a month ago, and, from what I gathered (Ch. and I haven't been talking since Sunday, only texting back and forth, to avoid mutual breaking into tears), it turned out at the check-up after three weeks of stable rest that she almost completely tore a major tendon in her left foreleg. I googled that kind of injury yesterday, and while it's apparently not impossible to heal, to do so takes up to a year of stable rest with very, very limited, controlled movement, that is, no paddock or pasture, and she's already over 25, not trained, and has osteoarthrosis in her hind legs... And she's used to being outside with the other horses. From what Ch. said the vet told her that the chances of recovery are minimal and that she'd never be able to walk without pain. It wasn't my decision to make, which I'm incredibly grateful for, but it was probably for the best...

I drove out for a last visit on Tuesday, let her walk for a bit, since she wanted to, stop by the other horses on the paddock, let her eat apples off the ground and fed her lots of carrots, both of which was forbidden for the last year or so, because she has — had, that is — Cushing's syndrome, but at this point it obviously didn't make a difference any longer. I hope she enjoyed it at least a bit.

So, all in all, it's been a pretty shitty week so far...

I don't have many pictures of her uploaded, but here are a few old ones... )


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